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Oct 4, 2015 | News

OCTOBER 4, 2015

By Maria Zannes, President & Chief Executive Officer

(SAN ANTONIO, TX ) Early detection of cancer prolongs life. Each of us at bioAffinity Technologies has seen this firsthand. Our brothers, sisters, parents, friends and patients, and many of us personally, have benefited from early cancer detection. We have seen the triumph when cancer is beaten back. We also have seen the ravages of cancer when it cannot be beaten. We have responded by equipping ourselves with education, skill and a passion to fight this dreaded disease. We work for bioAffinity Technologies to develop tests that can diagnose cancer at its earliest stages when it is most treatable.

bioAffinity Technologies is a relatively young company with breakthrough technology based on a compound that has long been known for its ability to bind to cancer, but whose full potential had not been explored. We have committed ourselves to unlocking its potential, which led to the development and optimization of CyPath®, a diagnostic test based on a synthetic porphyrin that preferentially binds to cancer cells and causes them to fluoresce red under special light.

A simple idea. Samples are collected and incubated in CyPath®, then measured for its presence based on the light a cell emits. This measurement gives a quantifiable difference between bright red cancer cells and green or red-tinged non-cancer cells.

A simple result. The presence of bright red cells indicates the presence of cancer.
Our first product will detect lung cancer, a disease of epidemic proportion that each year takes the lives of nearly 1.5 million people worldwide. Patients will provide deep-lung sputum collected at home over three days. Initially, the primary patient groups eligible for the CyPath® assay are heavy smokers at high risk for developing the disease and patients whose positive result by screening with low-dose computed tomography needs to be confirmed.

We will report on our progress and success in the years to come through scientific publications, conferences, news releases, interviews and company updates. The news most likely will tell of advancements and success. But with this first message, I thought it worthwhile to look behind those stories to explain the motivation of the scientists, physicians, regulatory and reimbursement experts, financiers, lawyers, marketers, executives and investors who contribute to bioAffinity Technologies. We are people affected by cancer who know that by unlocking our personal potential, we can make scientific discoveries that give others the opportunity to live longer and more enjoyable lives. We share a commitment to continual scientific exploration and collaboration, and applying the discoveries that result from our work toward the development and commercialization of patient-friendly tests that accurately diagnose early-stage cancer.


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