bioAffinity Technologies Announces Patent Award in China

Dec 14, 2015 | Press Releases

DECEMBER 14, 2015

(SAN ANTONIO, TX ) bioAffinity Technologies announced the People’s Republic of China awarded a Certificate of Invention Patent for the Company’s proprietary CyPath® assay, a bio-label that preferentially binds to cancer cells and labels them a brilliant crimson red that can be detected and measured by fluorescent imaging. The patent awards protection to 2030.

“China suffers more lung-cancer diagnoses and fatalities than any other country in the world, with 600,000 people dying of the disease every year, or nearly four-times the U.S. rate,” said Maria Zannes, President and Chief Executive Officer of bioAffinity Technologies. CyPath Lung Test“This trend is only expected to get worse due to environmental exposures and an increase in smoking by China’s population. CyPath® Lung can have a significant positive impact on early detection and more effective treatment of the disease in China, the world’s largest market.”

Ms. Zannes made note of a statement by Zhi Xiuyi, the leader of the Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center at Capital Medical University in Beijing, who told China Daily that “the rapid increase of the disease will last for at least 20 years.”

CyPath® Lung is designed to be the first successful non-invasive, accurate and safe diagnostic for early-stage lung cancer. The test is simple and cost-effective, making it particularly well designed for use by China’s large population and demographic.

The awarded patent adds to bioAffinity Technologies’ existing portfolio comprised of 41 awarded patents in 21 countries and six patents pending, including a patent application that would grant new protection in India.

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bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. ( is a privately held development-stage company advancing proprietary early‐stage diagnostic technology applicable to a broad range of cancers. The Company holds extensive U.S. and international patents that allow for global commercialization of its technology.


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