“Fireside Chat” with Maria Zannes, CEO of bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIAF)

Feb 22, 2023 | Articles, News

FEBRUARY 22, 2023

bioAffinity Technologies President and CEO Maria Zannes recently joined host Seth Farbman on his podcast From Start-Up to Stock Exchange.

Listen here https://lnkd.in/g-vkTfKv to learn more about the need for early screening for lung cancer when it is most treatable and how bioAffinity’s CyPath® Lung product meets that need with an easy-to-use, noninvasive (no blood, no needles), accurate test for early-stage lung cancer. Ms. Zannes also shared insights from her three decades in the business world and the C-suite.

CyPath® Lung uses automated flow cytometry and AI-developed machine learning to analyze patient samples by identifying parameters in sputum that are indicative of cancer. In a recent clinical trial, CyPath® Lung showed 92% sensitivity and 87% specificity in high-risk patients who had nodules smaller than 20 millimeters or no nodules in the lung, with an area under the ROC curve of 94%.


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